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Short Sleep Alarm


We planned to simplify the process of setting alarms and designed a smart alarm app to set INSTANT ALARMS.In normal alarms you set alarms based on what time you want to wake up .But Using Everyday Alarm Clock you set alarms based on how long you want to sleep.Using 'Everyday Alarm Clock' you can set alarms in few taps based on your sleep time .i.e,(how much time you want to sleep).This app is too simple that it allows only one alarm at a time.This app 'Everyday Alarm Clock ' is built with smart user interface which makes you to set alarms instantly in few taps so that you dont have to go through complex process of setting alarms for sleeps.This elegance alarm app also displays duration of alarms set each time in attractive line chart and bar chart.This helps you to be aware of how much alarms you have set and monitor your alarm clock sessions and analyse and track your sleep cycle.We are concerned about usability and so we designed this app as simple as possible.
Using this best alarm you can also choose your own ringtones and songs from memory card.
HOW TO:Whenever you want to use alarm clock for sleep ,set duration of sleep using three round buttons and click on start button.The alarm alerts you when the time ends and there is no snooze option ,also updates info graphics about duration of alarms set.You can also view duration of alarms set for current month,last month and current year.